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We started a discussion a while ago on University Ministry  – a discussion I would like to continue today. And I think the initial question to shape thinking is quite simple: What is the purpose or aim of a College […]

Scot has been presenting a series of related posts pondering the future of evangelicalism and the importance of youth ministry – something that may cover anyone from 12 to 30 or so these days.  There are many aspects to this […]

Some Christians are functional deists: they believe in God but their God has very little to do with this world. He’s the clockmaker God; made this place and then let it run. On the other hand, some Christians are theological […]

Adam Hamilton asks if there will be Hindus in heaven in the 12th chp of his book, Seeing Gray in a World of Black and White: Thoughts on Religion, Morality, and Politics. He opens this chapter with a widely-known (at […]

This is the second part of the letter we received the other day. Again, I’m keen on hearing how you would respond to this seeker. Bottom line I would like an absolute truth.  A Fact.  It seems reasonable to me […]

Here is a letter sent to me about a woman struggling with faith, and one of her major questions is a deep, dread-type question: The shocking injustices some experience. Gary Haugen spoke at the service at Willow on the International […]