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I got this letter last Friday, July 3d, as a comment on a post and I want to post it today to generate a conversation. What is your advice? Dear Scot, I’m not a Christian and don’t intend becoming one. […]

For those who don’t know this, this post is written by our friend “RJS,” a professor in the sciences at a leading American university. She regularly posts here about issues intersecting science and faith. Last week in A Fine Tuned […]

What do you say to your adult daughter if she tells you she’s not convinced of God or that she’s at least not on good terms with God? Pastor-theologian Michael Jinkins, in his new book Called to Be Human: Letters […]

Nay, fly to Altars; there they’ll talk you dead; For Fools rush in where Angels fear to tread. The Fool referred to by Alexander Pope was the literary critic of his day.  Fear not – I intend no literary criticism. […]

SMcK foreword: RJS’s question below stunned me this morning. Did God create in such a way that the laws of nature were how he created, so that expecting something outside the laws of nature is looking for the wrong thing? […]

A couple of months ago we had two posts based on a book Darwin and the Bible: The Cultural Confrontation – (first, second). This book was designed (with only modest success) to “help readers understand the nature, history, and passions […]

I hope the title to this post didn’t scare you off because I want to address a serious topic: how we face death. But we can address this from a variety of angles — like Christian hope or the medical, […]

We continue our discussion of Kent Sparks’s book God’s Word in Human Words (GWHW) moving into Chapters 2 and 3:  Historical Criticism and Assyriology and The Problem of Biblical Criticism.  Before diving into the topic of Biblical Criticism, Sparks considers […]

A couple of months ago Peter Enns posted on his blog part one of a review and discussion of Kenton Sparks’ recent book God’s Word in Human Words (GWHW).  Although in writing part one Enns expressed hoped that part two […]

We discussed the creation narratives in Genesis 1-3 in a series of posts earlier this year.  The questions on the proper interpretation of Genesis don’t stop with Genesis 3 however, and I received an e-mail last week with the following […]