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It’s been awhile since our friend “PW” sent us a post. She is a pastor’s wife (PW) and often speaks about what it’s like to be the spouse of a pastor. Some today would like to think this is not […]

This is getting fun: RJS posts about Dorothy Sayers book and PW, another regular writer here at Jesus Creed, responds … or I should say that RJS’s post generated a reflection by PW. As the spouse of a pastor, I […]

While PW, our guest blogger who is a “pastor’s wife,” alludes to the reality that some in the younger generation don’t have a problem here, the reality in the wider church is much different. She talks here about the pastor’s […]

I was talking to another staff member’s wife and they had only been in ministry a few months. They were exhausted. Spent. She said to me: I remember your husband saying something to mine about how we need to whittle […]

I’ve seen a phenomenon in the church. I think it happens often enough to just about anyone in the church, not just pastor’s spouses. What happens to our unity in Christ when politics are inserted into the relationship? Scenario 1: […]

Our friend, PW, writes posts for the Jesus Creed blog on what it is like to be a pastor’s spouse (in her case a “wife” — hence, PW). This one is about weddings, and I’d love to hear some pastor […]

Our weekly contribution from “PW” about life as a minister’s spouse. Historically, protestant ministry families have been paid in various ways for the work the pastor does in the local parish. Two to three centuries ago, some ministry families were […]

One of our constant readers and commenters is “PW”, who is helping us think about the issues surrounding the spouse of a minister — not always a female, we add. Do you tell your spouse everything? What do you keep […]

I wonder about this myself quite often: Do pastors struggle dropping their “role” as pastor when they come home? When they are talking to their children and neighbors and spouse? Are pastors, as it were, always “wearing the collar”? Did […]

This is an ongoing series by a pastor’s spouse about pastoral life from that angle. In this post we are asked to converse about the implications of pastoral geographical relocations. By PW: How have ministry relocations affected your ministry “home […]