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Sam Warren, a former pastor and now the national director of Christian nurture in the Advent Christian Church invited me to give two workshops and be a plenary speaker at the Triennial meetings of the denomination. So, Saturday morning I […]

There is a very good piece here from the CT gallery of websites that many of us would do well to read and print out and keep near us. It’s about the value and dangers — plagiarism — of using […]

Hello Scot, I am a reader of your blog and very much respect your opinion on spiritual matters. Over 10 years ago I had cancer. The treatments I went through were very difficult, but effective as I am cancer free […]

This marks the end of our series from pastors. I have really enjoyed this series, I hope you have too, but I want to acknowledge their contributions publicly. Thanks. We probably won’t know who helpful this is. While we were […]

Imagine a big holiday meal with all the trimmings where only one person is responsible for cooking, serving, and cleaning it up. At the end of the day, that person would be pretty tired, wouldn?t they?! Now imagine a big […]

If I were to start over, what would I be sure to practice? Self-care Self-care is not only good stewardship of the self but also a gift to the church. When a Christian minister practices self-care, the congregation is blessed!

“If I could begin all over again” is a hard sentence for me to apply to myself for I still think of myself as just beginning. I feel like I am learning things today I should have known twenty years […]

Nancy Lewis is a pastor at the Oakland Covenant Church in Oakland California. What Should A Pastor Focus On?

John Ortberg, pastor at Menlo Park Presbyterian Church outside San Francisco, responds to our question today:

Alice Shirey, pastor in Des Moines IA, responds to our question today: