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By PW: It’s that time of year when we as a family usually realize we haven’t made a plan for vacation yet this year! Sometimes we make vacation plans at the last minute due to the lack of discretionary funds, […]

We live in an era of the informal, an impact of the 1960s. Friday is casual for many businesses; pastors go by first names; professors don’t have to wear ties or coats and some wear blue jeans; kids “hang out” […]

When Kris and I got to the airport in Atlanta Sunday afternoon, we had one of those “Did all that just happen to us?” moments. Some of you may know that I was asked to preach at North Point Community […]

Kris and I were invited by the good folks connected to the Zoe Conference to come to Nashville last week (Woodmont Hills, Family of God Church): Thursday, Friday and Saturday. We loved it — and there are so many things […]

Why they don’t have my mug in that set of photos is beyond me. 8) How in the world do they put up Skye’s bald melon and not mine?

This weekend Kris and I were in Twelve Mile Indiana at the kind invitation and warm hospitality of Mike and Joy Thompson. We did a Jesus Creed day with a group from Corinth Brethren Church and some pastors in the […]

Let me try to summarize an argument I’m hearing today. It goes like this: Since Paul’s statements about elders/bishops/overseers/deacons are clearly addressed to males, those “offices” or “roles” or “leadership positions” are designed by God to be for males only. […]

What is the best way to preach? To use notes — even to the point of reading a sermon — or not to use notes? Fred Lybrand, a Southern Baptist preacher who seems to be cutting his own path, opts […]

One thing I regret about our decades long life in Chicagoland is that we did not more often get up to Elmbrook Church to listen to Stuart Briscoe’s sermons, for surely he has been one of our generation’s most capable […]

In 2006 Moore Theological College in Sydney Australia held a conference on the consolations of theology and Brian Rosner edited the papers into a little book worthy of pastoral considerations. The title is The Consolations of Theology. Six studies of […]