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I do not have a life-long habit of reading sermons, though I have read sermons at times in my career. I have numbers of pastor friends who routinely listen to sermons and do so for both formational reasons and for […]

In a post last month I raised the issue of Third Way preaching, and this is what I said: A genuine Third Way will get beyond the Sunday morning sermon as the primary form of spiritual formation and education in […]

Free book offer at bottom of this post! Pastors need to hear from fellow pastors. There’s a place for pastors listening to biblical experts — when they study the Bible. There’s a place for pastors listening to theologians — when […]

In light of Jim Belcher’s response to Doug Pagitt’s own proposal for “progressional dialogue,” I want to weigh in with what I suggest is my own proposal for a Third Way.  I have been in contact with a few persons who […]

Evangelical pastors have flipped in the last generation. 30-40 years ago what most incited excitement was a new book by the arch-pastor and expositor, John Stott, expositing a New Testament book or a J.I. Packer book on theology. Today’s evangelicals […]

Are there any new emerging proposals for preaching?  Jim Belcher, in Deep Church: A Third Way Beyond Emerging and Traditional examines the theory of Doug Pagitt. (I blogged about that book with Doug when it came out, and since then […]

Recently we had a conversation about the pastor’s time schedule, and Jim Martin, a friend, posted a comment I thought deserved a separate post. So here it is… This is such an important concern. Working with a church can eat […]

A repost on a topic that is always relevant: The NY Times ran an article about pastors swiping sermons from sermon sources, and then Out of Ur ran a piece which got some comments. I’m wondering what you think. Here […]

John LaGrou is avant garde when it comes to the power and value of technology. In this post, he questions the long term value and survival of the Sunday sermon. What do you think? Antoine at MMM asks, “How Do […]

Today I’m following (here and here) the live blogging of the conference on preaching at Mars Hill with Rob Bell, Pete Rollins, and Shane Hipps. In the midst of the comments I have heard is one potent question and I’d […]