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The radical kingdom vision of Jesus emerges constantly in the parables, and Klyne Snodgrass, in his exceptional sourcebook for anyone who wants to study the parables, in Stories with Intent, clears away the accumulation of cleverness that somehow manages to […]

We gather on Friday under this title to discuss a good idea or a good book with friends, and the book we are now discussing is Klyne Snodgrass’s Stories with Intent, a complete study of the parables. It is written […]

If there was one book I wish I could have given to every pastor I met in South Africa [and I’ve sent one to Attie], Klyne Snodgrass’ new book, Stories with Intent, is the one. Why? Because we need more […]

We look today at the parable of the mustard seed and we are looking at Klyne Snodgrass’ new big book on parables: Stories with Intent. First, a greeting to Klyne … in the old days! 8)

We continue our series on Klyne Snodgrass, Stories with Intent, and today we look at the parable of the wheat and weeds.

We look today at the parable of the growing seed from Mark 4:26-29. We are looking at the parable by reading through Klyne Snodgrass, Stories with Intent, and here is the text:

Perhaps the most significant parable in the Gospel arsenal is the parable of the sower (Mark 4:3-20 and parallels). Why? Because it is the kingdom parable and a parable that ultimately explains what parables are all about! So says Klyne […]

The so-called parable of the prodigal son, Luke 15:11-32, is the 3d in Klyne Snodgrass’ treatment of the parables of lostness (Stories with Intent).

Luke 15 records three parables about lostness; the second of these is about the lost coin. We are attending to Klyne Snodgrass, Stories with Intent, and his study of these parables.

Klyne Snodgrass, in Stories with Intent, turns to a chp on “parables of lostness” and it begins with the parable of the lost sheep.