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This review by James-Michael Smith, originally published at The Examiner, examines The Seven Samurai. In 1954 the late Japanese director Akira Kurosawa made a film that would go on to become the most critically-acclaimed film in all of Japanese cinema […]

This review is from James-Michael Smith, who writes at The Examiner. When it comes to nerds there are basically two kinds in the world: those who love Star Wars and those who love Star Trek.  Occasionally you will find ubergeeks […]

MOVIE REVIEW: “The Book Of Eli”  by Jeremy Berg <Envelope Please> “And the winner for the grayest, grimmest, most violent post-apocalyptic thriller of 2010 involving the Bible goes to…..The Book of Eli starring Denzel Washington.” <Applause>  This movie is not […]

This movie review comes to us from Travis Greene, well known to those who pay attention to those who comment. Travis blogs as well, and we want to thank him for this review. And, if you have a review you’d […]

MOVIE REVEW: THE ESCHATOLOGY OF “2012” by Jeremy Berg Anyone up for another gloom-and-doom, apocalyptic global disaster movie?  Hollywood served up a doozy in “2012.”  I have heard mostly negative reviews of this film.  But I think it delivers […]

MOVIE REVIEW: “The Blind Side” by Jeremy Berg The most inspiring, heart-warming cinematic experience of 2009 for me was without question The Blind Side starring Sandra Bullock. While this movie based on a true story is sure to win […]

By Jeremy Berg After braving the 15 below zero weather, fighting people for seats (almost literally), finding clean 3D glasses and smuggling in pop and snacks, we were ready to experience James Cameron’s visually stunning world of Pandora filled with […]

We’ll have two Movie reviews tonight for our opening night for Friday Night at the Movies. We welcome discussion on the movie and on the review, and we welcome more reviews of the same movie. So here we go …. […]