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Those who concentrate on the New Testament mostly ignore idolatry; those who concentrate on the Old Testament face it daily. Chris Wright’s 5th chp in his book The Mission of God faces idolatry as he maps the missional focus of […]

So how does a biblical view of monotheism — that YHWH is the one and only God — and this God’s mission to make himself known throughout the world, especially in Jesus Christ, lead to a missional understanding of the […]

One of the more interesting conversations in the Church is the one about the deity of Christ. Very few of these conversations, though, frame the conversation in such a way that it emerges out of the Story of God in […]

How does the theme of judgment … or, how does knowledge of God as judge open up the missional theme in the Bible? This is the question of the second half of chp 3 in Chris Wright’s The Mission of […]

To claim the Bible is shaped by a missional concern, as Chris Wright does in The Mission of God, is to give oneself a challenge. Namely, to show that the God of the Bible is a missional God. Here’s how […]

If chp 1 of Christopher Wright, The Mission of God, took issue with various ways Christians have tried to make sense of a missional calling, chp 2 explains his own big ideas … and, again, drink these in because they […]

I begin this new series on Christopher Wright’s book, The Mission of God, with a view to helping us (1) understand the Bible better and (2) understand “missional” better. I’ve mentioned Wright’s book before, and I’ve mentioned that we will […]

Yesterday Kris and I sat down with two leaders with CRM: Melinda (Wigton) Cathey and Alex Krutov. They are involved with a ministry to orphans in St. Petersburg, Russia. Kris and I were reeling all afternoon after listening to Alex […]

The word “missional” is in the air, and I’ve taken a stab myself at defining it (Bloglossary). The word to use for many of those using this word is “muddle.” What to do? I believe every pastor and every church […]

Stephen Tomkins’ gift seems to be irony and the ability to prick the halo bubble around saints, which he did with John Wesley but does a little less directly in his book William Wilberforce: A Biography.