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Chris Wright’s The Mission of God brings together his life of thinking, and chp 11 of this book ties together his thinking about election, redemption and covenant and how each gives rise to “mission.” In this chp he focuses on […]

Any reading of the Old Testament immediately confronts a significant “missional” problem: the OT is not “missional”. Chris Wright, however, argues that the great covenant moments of the OT have within them the missional theme. So today we look at […]

If the exodus is the primal act of redemption, the Jubilee of Leviticus 25 is the primal act of restoration. So Chris Wright in The Mission of God. One text that has played a big role in anabaptist thinking, and […]

Recently I was asked where theology was headed. I assured my reader that I wasn?t ?in the know? but that I would hazard a guess or two. First I thought we were likely to see a more robust Trinitarian theology, […]

There are two feisty parties in the church today. Let’s call them “spiritualizers” and “activists.” Chris Wright, in the second half of chp 8 (The Mission of God) says each emphasizes biblical truth but omits what the other emphasizes. He […]

How significant is the “exodus” in shaping the biblical idea of mission? Real significant would be the answer of Chris Wright in The Mission of God (chp. 8 ). Here’s how he begins the chp: “How big is our gospel?” […]

Monday we looked at the big tough question about “missional” even being appropriate for the Old Testament. Today we look at chp 7 in Chris Wright, The Mission of God, to discover the number of texts that push the universal […]

Cathleen Falsani, an award-winning religion writer for the Chicago Sun-Times, calls her new book Sin Boldly and finishes it off with this subtitle: A Field Guide for Grace. That title, “sin boldly,” comes from Luther, but this book is not […]

This week the tough question is this: Why, if God wanted to make his Name known throughout the world, did God choose to make that Name known only through one people? From a different angle, that tough question looks something […]

The second half of chp 5 in Chris Wright, The Mission of God, explores how God’s confrontation with idolatry shapes mission. Some very good ideas here.