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Missional Jesus likens his own missional teaching to someone who teaches and spreads a message but who draws differing responses. Notice this parable and its interpretation:

Missional Jesus establishes and forms the kingdom of God, and he does so in the form of a new family of faith.

I discovered yesterday from a reader named “grace” that my Missional Jesus 10 post never saw the light of day — though it was sitting in my computer and we thought it was public. So here it is again:

Jesus’ missional work generated criticisms of who he was, what he was doing, and whether or not God was in his work at all. In fact, his work is charged as inspired by Satan. This is no small charge against […]

Missional Jesus incorporated women in his missional work.

Missional Jesus moves on. Wherever he goes, missional Jesus happens. Today we look at a long-ish text, Luke 7:36-50, and we will see missional Jesus at work.

Missional Jesus sympathized with the poor and the marginalized and the powerless. As his mother was a widow and suffered, so Jesus was sensitive to widows. Here’s a story that opens a window on missional Jesus:

Matthew is not only one who passes on information about Jesus, but also one who shapes what he passes on. And in this text Matthew “interprets” Jesus in a way that clarifies who the missional Jesus was. For Matthew, Jesus […]

Not only is Jesus the “Sabbath rest” himself (Matthew 11:28-30), Jesus embodies what he means by being the Sabbath rest in 12:1-8 (where Torah expresses mercy and love of others) and in 12:9-14 (where he shows that showing mercy to […]

Missional Jesus, plain and simple, didn’t follow the rules. And here’s something to think about: there is very little difference at the phemenological level between the Torah and one’s interpretation of the Torah. So, even if we say, “Jesus didn’t […]