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Here’s a challenge tossed out by missional Jesus and it is a challenged that shakes human relations to the core, opens up the potential for a society constituted on the basis of grace, and presents the follower of Jesus with […]

No one, I’m prepared to announce, has figured out this text, but it needs to be factored in if we want to sketch all the texts about missional Jesus. So, let’s first read Mark 9:38-41 and then I’ll offer some […]

Missional Jesus now reveals a fundamental principle of missional discipleship and it is one tough one to do well:

Some of this I anticipated yesterday but will now state.

What to say about missional Jesus and the confession of Peter? I’ll provide the text, ask you to comment what you will, but here are a few points to observe:

Missional Jesus continues to be opposed; he keeps on walking.

There are good reasons for missional Jesus experiencing difficulties at home. Opposition to Jesus derived from his behavior, his attitude, and his remarks to those who questioned his behavior and the chutzpah he had to do what he was doing.

Life for missional Jesus was not easy; especially not in his own home of Nazareth.

Missional Jesus works with all kinds of people — not just his followers and not just his family. In this passage today we find missional Jesus revealing what “missional” means.

Matthew 13 is a collection of Jesus’ parables and I want to provide brief summaries of each today. Why? Each of these parables reveals a dimension of missional Jesus and his mission.