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My favorite Christian musician … of all time … constantly playing for me: John Michael Talbot. Which is your favorite album or song? Widgets

Today is July 4th, the day the USA celebrates Independence Day and the concept of socio-political freedom. Today’s post contains a prayer and the Declaration of Independence. My own political views about justice and freedom have appeared here and there […]

OK, someone wrote and said the RSS feed is not working. Well, I don’t even know what this is, but this blog community is big enough both to figure it out and fix it. Please advise.

In our backyard, in the mulch, we’ve got this stuff. Anyone know what it is? I took those pictures Thursday evening; Friday morning, early, the first one looked like this:

I’m trying this out today … I have listened to some of Third Day. What is your favorite song by Third Day? Widgets

Is your e-mail inbox stuffed to the max? Here’s my theory:

One of the most significant ports in all of Italy was Rome’s port at Ostia, now called Ostia antica. The port was on the Tiber and on the coast, though the growing problem with silt accumulation made it less than […]

The ruins at Pompei are enormous and breathtaking. We tromped through the place for about 4 hours … with the specter of Vesuvius in the background, one could not avoid imagining what it was like in 79 AD when Vesuvius […]

We stayed in Ravello, a small town sitting atop a mountainous region above the Amalfi coastline. Today I want to post some pictures of the various places on the coastline we visited on our vacation.

Here is a picture of the Christian basilica in Ostia antica from about the 4th Century. Perhaps this is one attended by Augustine. If you have eyes to see, Kris is at the back.