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The Nativity Story. This movie, which I’ve read as a screenplay, is about as faithful to the Gospels as a movie from Hollywood can be. Yet, I wonder…

Extended Offer! There is now a sample chapter available and a special sale discount. Paraclete has had such a good response that they are extending the offer to join the Street Team for The Real Mary until September 18th.

This will be the first in a series of posts on women in ministry — as long as everyone behaves. Some of these will pertain to specific issues women face who are in ministries, some will be about biblical texts […]

This Christmas Hollywood is handing us an opportunity we simply have to seize: for the better part of at least 200 years most Protestants have ignored Mary as if she were an exotic aunt who shows up for the entire […]

Five years ago, standing at the blackboard in my Jesus of Nazareth class, I read the Magnificat –the song of Mary, mother of Jesus — aloud with as much force as I could. I then asked this question: “What kind […]

After four days of editing my Mary ms, I’m about to write a brief note to my editor, Lil Copan, to tell her that writing in green instead of red doesn’t lessen the pain. Sure, sure, I’ll tell her, the […]

I sent the ms for The Real Mary: Why Evangelical Christians Can Embrace the Mother of Jesus to the publisher (Paraclete) Friday, and now I await word from my fantastic editor, Lil Copan. The good news is that the book […]

Dennis Martin has suggested a few times in previous posts that I am pushing the original sin factor too hard, and he could be right. He suggests we look to the question of Mary’s sinlessness. Was she sinless? The Evangelist […]

Who believed in the immaculate conception? How early was it? Who didn’t believe in Mary’s immaculate conception and sinlessness? Again, some of this surprises many of us reared theologically in Protestantism. After this listing, I’ll draw my conclusions. No need […]

Last week we looked at the perpetual virginity. While we didn’t agree on each point, we did behave ourselves and, speaking for myself, worked our way through some issues that we might not think of very often. The immaculate conception, […]