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The woman speaks in 8:5b through 8:10, and then her shepherd love speaks in 8:11-13 and the woman closes off this potent and totally delightful exploration of love in 8:14. Here is how she begins the finale:

As at 3:1-5, the woman wants to take her lover to her mother’s home, and not only to her home but into her mother’s bedroom — to her “chamber” (8:2). And, once again, not clear when it comes to fantasy […]

Chp 8 of the Song of Songs is a dialogue about love and this chp closes it off. As I have worked through this text I think the three-character interpretation does have merit — but it is not entirely clear. […]

The shepherd lover, whom I am not convinced is Solomon but who is insteadn the woman’s husband/lover, has spoken — he has extolled the woman’s physically rapturous beauty. She now responds:

This week the following verses (6:4-5), from the beginning of the week, struck me:

The man, with his love back with him, extols her physical beauty once again.

The following lines are a puzzle for interpreters. Who is saying these words?

The man, having extolled the beauty of his lover as that of a royal city decked out with heavenly splendor and creating awe — like encountering God — now extols her beauty:

The Song of Songs is a pastiche of songs and episodes. After the Shulamite woman sought and seemingly found her lover, he now echoes back to her a song that extols her physical beauty:

The narrative of Song of Songs 5:2–6:3 surprises. The woman is in bed, her lover knocks at the door, she delays, he departs, she searches, she enlists the women of Jerusalem to tell him if they find him that she […]