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There are four major reasons given to teenagers at the time of their sexual awakening, for not engaging in sex. 1. It’s wrong — and some just say “Because it’s wrong!” while others reach into their sacred texts, like the […]

David Blankenhorn, in a column in 1997 (and anthologized in a book my class is reading —  Wing to Wing, Oar to Oar: Readings on Courting and Marrying (The Ethics of Everyday Life) ), discusses the potential symbolic value of marriage […]

The Song of Solomon is a love song between lovers and for lovers. Perhaps it was a play or designed to be dramatically played before others. Perhaps it was designed for the king’s courtiers as entertainment. Perhaps it is a […]

Here is a letter sent to us. Any comment of mine is worthless.

Protestants today may be thoroughly surprised to learn that things weren’t always so permissive and open when it comes to sexuality — that is, between husbands and wives. Gilbert Meilaender, in The Way That Leads Home (chp. 4), puts Augustine […]

We are all for churches and Christians extending mercy to the divorced, but we are also all for advocating the permanency and richness of marriage and I sometimes think an emphasis on this is too often assumed and not taught […]

We finish the Song of Solomon today. The Song ends with the woman summoning her man to the bed:

And now her shepherd lover responds back:

Suddenly the woman turns to her (“their”) sister, who is young. She describes her sister’s body and then compares herself to her sister (vv. 8-10). He does the same — compares himself to another — in vv. 11-12. Here are […]

The woman, after declaring where it was that their love was first aroused, now suddenly teaches what love is all about. Here are her words: