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It is fashionable today to see the Christian religion as a massive cover up and the real story is supposed to have gone something like this: Jesus was a pious, Torah-observant Jew whom Paul got hold of and cranked up […]

One of the questions I used to ask students in a Jesus class was “Do you think Jesus made mistakes learning Hebrew or mathematics or Israelite history?” This question, so I learned, was a good way to get students to […]

There are two things I really like about Nick Perrin’s new book, Lost in Transmission. The first is that Nick gets it when it comes to the level of books the church needs more of. Evangelicals, in the 70s and […]

This is the time of the year when many professors are thinking about textbooks for next year, and I’ve come across one for Jesus of Nazareth classes. I’m wondering, in particular, if anyone out there has used this book in […]

… a book comes along and you make a decision about its importance. This book, you decide, ends the need for a dozen or so other books on your shelves. You go to your shelf, pick up those books, put […]

Every generation needs to examine for itself the reliability of the Gospels. Is the depiction of Jesus accurate? Can they be trusted? Are they reliable enough for us to anchor our faith in Jesus? There are now “three bears” in […]

This has been a good week of conversation about historical Jesus studies, but it is worth our time just to put together some of the leading ideas that need to be kept in mind.

The historical Jesus debate, as we have seen, has three (or four) phases: the old quest (Reimarus to Schweitzer), the no quest of Bultmann and the new quest following Bultmann, and then what Tom Wright dubbed the “third quest” of […]

Bultmann unleashed a set of criteria that were used to determine if what is attributed to Jesus in the Gospels really came from him. Now once again let’s remind ourselves of something: the historical Jesus quest is about discerning what […]