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Most of us have favorite authors, and it is not uncommon for us to fall heads over heels in love with the author only to meet the author or read about the author and to discover the author was a […]

Tim Dalrymple, at Patheos, asks this set of questions, and the big one is one deserving serious discussion: Americans who stand outside these favored circles feel cheated and powerless. Worse still, it is not clear if either party possesses the […]

Shakespeare and Dynamic Infallibilism (by David Opderbeck)   Our recent conversation about inerrancy generated lots of discussion. Although the conversation about this question often becomes heated and difficult, there is one positive note: everyone on this blog is concerned about truth, […]

I want to thank “T” for this splendid series. Our final post on how we build our theology, using Wesley’s Quadrilateral as an outline, focuses on “Scripture.”  For this discussion, I’ve opted to use pieces of a conversation that started here […]

James Payton, Jr.’s, book, Getting the Reformation Wrong: Correcting Some Misunderstandings , is now available and I want to urge it upon readers who have any interest in the signficance of the Reformation for the contemporary Church — and the […]

Almighty God, you have given your only Son to be for us a sacrifice for sin, and also an example of godly life: Give us grace to receive thankfully the fruits of his redeeming work, and to follow daily in […]

Book Review: The Bible among the Myths: Unique Revelation or Just Ancient Literature? by John N. Oswalt What’s so unique about the Bible? After all, there are plenty of other ancient texts that claim to describe the creation of the […]

True to form, which means a bit late in the game, President Obama has now weighed in about the mosque and Islamic center to be built two blocks from Ground Zero. The debate is now a culture war — it is […]

How about this shot? A plane against a rainbow in France. We’ve been in Seoul Korea this week but here are a few meanderings. (Speaking of which, Jesus Creed is coming out shortly in Korea. Please tell your Korean friends.) […]

Grace transforms Third, grace transforms. The GodLife means GraceLife, and GraceLife means God’s grace transforms. From the moment Jesus uttered his first declaration that the kingdom of God was now at work he may as well have said people and lives […]