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We don’t get the issues (behind the book) on the table with descriptive clarity until chp 4 in Mark Noll’s new book, The New Shape of World Christianity: How American Experience Reflects Global Faith, and in my estimation Noll is […]

This was posted last week at Out of Ur blog but I’d like to re-post it here. A peculiar development occurred in the medieval age about love. Behind closed doors and in the rush of brief encounters there developed what […]

Have you seen the new series from Christianity Today International? There are a number of volumes in this series, and I’m privileged to be in two of them. These books take CT articles and turn them into study sessions for […]

One of the topics Scot has emphasized of late has been the future of our church and the importance of youth ministry – defined to cover anyone from 12 to 30 or so.  We have been discussing an aspect of […]

Mark Galli, senior managing editor at Christianity Today, has just responded to Michael Spencer’s (iMonk) colossal prediction of the imminent collapse of evangelicalism. I’d like to shift this conversation a bit to two other questions to see if we might […]

We are looking at the rise of the NeoReformed; we began Monday and this is part two. The NeoReformed movement of which I speak is an attempt to capture evangelicalism, redefine it by some clearly-defined doctrines that are Reformed, and […]

I have been using the term “NeoReformed” now for a year or two and a few of my friends have asked me what I mean and why I don’t just calls such folks “Reformed”. This post will sketch who they […]

One of the more interesting artists in the history of the West is Vincent Van Gogh.  One of the more fascinating dimensions of Van Gogh’s art was his expression of hope in bright yellow colors, and the absence of such […]

What do you think of this statement? It was said by someone named Basil Willey about Francis Newman (John Henry Newman’s brother) and I found it in the Hempton book in the post we had earlier today. What “story” is […]

One of the most famous converts from evangelicalism to Roman Catholicism, someone I write about in Finding Faith, Losing Faith: Stories of Conversion and Apostasy , was John Henry Newman. Today we look at his brother, Francis, who also was […]