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Last Friday David Opderbeck introduced Ken Wilson’s essay Science and the Evangelical Mission in America. Wilson’s message is that the approach we take to issues of science and faith will have a profound impact on the willingness of people to […]

I don’t know how to measure the impact, but the Scofield Bible and its form of dispensationalism has probably shaped American conservative, populist evangelicalism more than any other set of ideas. I grew up with Scofield, the first Bible I […]

A post by Dan Wallace, over at Parchment and Pen, has more than 400 comments and I’ve been asked to weigh in via this letter below. The gist is that Professor Wallace (at Dallas) has suggested there’s enough bias against […]

Today’s post wraps up our brief series on Harvey Cox’s new book The Future of Faith. The last several chapters of the book, and in fact various passages throughout the book,  present some of Cox’s thoughts on the future of […]

Today I begin a series of posts looking at Harvey Cox’s new book The Future of Faith. We’ll see how long it goes – at least a couple of weeks. Cox is the Hollis Professor of Divinity emeritus at Harvard […]

Yesterday I posted a recent interview with Rob Bell about what an “evangelical” is, and I said I’d weigh in today. I don’t think Rob Bell has defined “evangelical” but given a set of statements that are true about the […]

Early in September October I sat down with Bryan Chapell’s new book, Christ-Centered Worship: Letting the Gospel Shape Our Practice , and studied his chart on the order of services in the Church, what he called the “Liturgy of the […]

Last week I took my eldest to Bethel University in St. Paul (well Arden Hills) where moving in was truly an experience. The President of the University and his wife, Jay and Barb Barnes, greeted each and every new student […]

Skye Jethani, at Leadership magazine and Out of Ur blog, has created a bit of a dust-up about “consumerist” Christianity with his new, very good book: The Divine Commodity: Discovering a Faith Beyond Consumer Christianity . His book does three […]

 How Old Is Evangelicalism?  Andrew Tooley There is a dustup these days about the origins of evangelicalism: is it to be traced to the Reformation or to the 18th Century? (Never mind that many just say it goes back to […]