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Willow Creek is hosting a Student Ministries Leadership Conference Feb 28-March 2, 2007. It is called SHIFT. Read about it here. I’ve been asked to lead a break-out session. Stay tuned for more details.

The Church has developed its own mechanisms of calling people “names,” of “labelling” others. The most powerful “labels” in the Church are “fundamentalist” and “liberal.” Calling someone one of those labels is rarely a simple description — it is an […]

Most of us probably watched the gospel tragedy unfold this last weekend, and many of us considered whether or not the same could happen to us and to others we know. And we are all grieved, in the very grief […]

Steven Sandage and LeRon Shults, in The Faces of Forgiveness, propose a new and fresh approach to how the Bible speaks about forgiveness and how forgiveness works in real practice today. The question I will ask today is this one: […]

Duane Young sent me this from Brennan Manning. It touches upon an old set of posts I did on “grace grinding”: the use of grace to grind folks down rather than to heal them. Where do you place yourself: settler […]

This is from Embracing Grace in an earlier version. I jumped into the atonement theory conversation yesterday, and thought I’d put this on the blog today: which theory of the atonement do you believe? I have posted a new poll […]

I’ll be in San Diego next Tuesday through Thursday, speaking at the National Pastor’s Convention. Hope to see some of you. We are in a two-day emerging church event called Critical Concerns (Tony Jones, Dan Kimball, Doug Pagitt, John Burke, […]

Chp 4 of Gracious Christianity deals with the “Fullness of Salvation.” The authors, Douglas Jacobsen and Ben Sawatsky, open with a grand vision of what salvation is, and they begin with Ephesians 1:3-23: salvation is God’s redemption of the entire […]

Kris and I were in Boston this weekend, where I gave two worshops on Embracing Grace to the wonderful folks who attend Vision New England in downtown Boston. This is our second invitation, and both experiences were splendid. I do […]

This, our second post on Jesus and homosexuality, begins our survey of the central themes of Jesus’ ethical/moral teachings, and asks how such a theme might shed light on our discussion. I think we can agree that there is no […]