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How were you converted? Readers of this blog will know of my interest in conversion and mapping conversion stories. In a recent conversation I was confronted once again with this reality: local churches tend to “institutionalize” conversion to fit one […]

Some people lose their faith and then find it again. In Timothy Larsen’s new book Crisis of Doubt, we are treated to seven such figures in 19th Century England. They had a secularist crisis of (their) doubt. This way of […]

I continue to plug away in the late evenings by reading stories of those who have abandoned orthodox Christian theology as I try to map what losing faith looks like. In the last week I read two books. Howard Teeple’s […]

A letter from a former Christian who now is atheistic or agnostic, used with permission and now also leading to some observations about our study on the “anatomy of apostasy.”

One of the sources for my research into why and how some “lose” their orthodox faith is Edward T. Babinski, Leaving the Fold: Testimonies of Former Fundamentalists. My research is not simply concerned with folks who begin as Christian and […]

I let the cat out of the bag Saturday in the Weekly Meanderings and the nice conversation that followed from it. I linked to the story of the reporter named Lobdell who, after a conversion to the faith and after […]

Tuesday night, Wednesday morning and early afternoon, and Thursday morning I spoke to the InterVarsity Christian Fellowship Graduate Staff Ministries. To my delight, no travel: one mile west of my home is St Mary of the Lake Seminary and IVCF […]

Catholics have been happy with me for three years — for two reasons: I have embraced Mary in a Protestant sort of way but even more because I wrote an article a few years back that detailed why it is […]

Our conversation yesterday about vocation enlightened me and made me thankful for this blog. For me especially was the realization that I could insert into conversations with students the reality that many will change their minds over their lifetime about […]

Camps and camping have been special to many of us for a long, long time. My theory about what makes camps tick — and I’d like to know your thoughts — is that they “encapsulate” people. That is, people get […]