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Colossians 3:5-8 (see below) partakes in the discourse of violence according to Walsh and Keesmaat in their Colossians Remixed.Today we look at this passage.

Most importantly, the ethic of relationship and the ethic of narrative leads to an ethic of secession (from the empire) in Walsh and Keesmaat’s study of Colossians, Colossians Remixed.

After mentioning that Paul’s ethic in Colossians is a resurrection, ascension, liberation, and eschatological ethic, Walsh and Keesmaat, in Colossians Remixed, contend also that the ethic of Paul is “relational” and “narrative” and (tomorrow’s post) an ethic of secession.

Walsh and Keesmaat, in their Colossians Remixed, want to know “what kind of ethic” we find in Colossians 3:1-17. Good discussion follows.

Walsh and Keesmaat, in their ever-provocative study of Colossians in light of postmodernity, Colossians Remixed, devote a chp to Colossians 3 under the thematic heading of “an ethic of secession.” Today we look at how postmoderns view ethical teachings in […]

We come to the end of our week with chp 8 in Walsh and Keesmaat’s Colossians Remixed, and this week has focused on their hermeneutical move from ancient text to postmodern world — what they are calling a “targum” on […]

Now for the final link in the targum of Colossians 3:1-4 by Walsh and Keesmaat (Colossians Remixed).

Now for some more targum from Walsh and Keesmaat, Colossians Remixed.

This week in Walsh and Keesmaat’s study of Colossians, called Colossians Remixed, they once again move into the territory of targumizing — or updating — Colossians 2:8–3:4, but this time they discuss first the “hermeneutical method” and view of “biblical […]

If knowledge flows from our commitments, is all knowledge relative? So Walsh and Keesmaat ask in Colossians Remixed. The problem one often hears about postmodernity is relativism.