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We bought some coffees in South Africa, and the first batch I have brewed is Limu Arabica, from Ethiopia. Limu is a region in Ethiopia — some consider Ethiopia to be the original birthplace for coffee beans and drinking coffee. […]

On our trip I bought some coffees, including a few packs of Douwe Egberts in the Amsterdam airport. I’ve seen Douwe Egberts in a few places, had a cup or two, but a few lattes of this stuff brewed in […]

OK, I posted the Ictus Fair Trade coffee near the end of my supply of their beans, and I’ve already got a new coffee brewing — and it is one good brew. Metropolis. We are brewing some Samba … roasty, […]

We are now brewing a wonderful tasting and richly aromatic coffee, a fair trade coffe, called Ictus Fair Trade Kaffe, Cafe de Chiapas.

My friend and one of our seminary students, Chris Ridgeway, gave me a pound of a new coffee: Espresso Royale. I ground it just right on the first try — which is not common for me with a new bean […]

A very kind reader of Jesus Creed sent Kris and me a package of Waialua Coffee from Hawaii (north shore), and we are now brewing and drinking it. [I couldn’t find the home site; this site sells Waialua.]

I am now brewing, as a gift from Billy Kangas (one of our readers), from the Ugly Mug Cafe, a coffee called Ill Dorado. Fantastic stuff. I now have it up there with Intelligentsia, Chestnut Hill Coffee Company, and Doubleshot. […]

Doubleshot 2 coffee company, out of Tulsa [Oklahoma], has a splendid company. I’m brewing Ambergris Espresso Blend. Good stuff.

I am now brewing Drew’s Brew, a hand roasted coffee from Nashville, TN, and the particular kind is the Zappia Family Espresso. I’m on official record for saying the benchmark for me is Intelligentsia (Chicago) and the second best is […]

Milwaukee’s equivalent coffee, and I can’t say this lightly, to Chicago’s Intelligentsia must be Alterra Coffee. Mild, deep good coffee; nice aroma and a tasteful crema. No sign of oils that make the taste bitter (or make it hard to […]