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I brew coffee at home and at the office, and at home I use a Rancilio Silvia and at school I use an AeroPress Coffee and Espresso . The most recent coffee at home is a fine cup Rwandan coffee: […]

We had a post last week on [evo] coffee. It drew a very interesting letter that deserves public, civil conversation. The letter is below. What do you think? Should we buy fair trade coffee as a form of justice?

Not long ago a package of [evo] coffee arrived on my doorstep. “Evo” coffee means “coffee evolved.” It’s a serious fair trade coffee group in Grand Rapids that … “Evo. It?s coffee?evolved. It?s an upside-down take on the value of […]

When we were in Franklin Tennessee, we grabbed a cup of coffee at the Curious Gourmet Cupcake Cafe where we were introduced to Stone Cup Roasting Co. Very tasty, even if I’d prefer a barista plying her craft with a […]

Hey: Karen will be on the radio in Seattle. (KGNW) A barista wrote me and asked if I heard of the AeroPress. I had not. He said, “We [at the coffee shop] can’t believe how good the coffee is from […]

Ah, a subtle return to Italy in a cup of coffee. While in Italy Kris and I often stopped mid-morning and mid-afternoon for a cup of coffee, usually a latte. As often as not we were served one of Italy’s […]

Last week I got two 8oz packs of coffees from The Great Lakes Coffee Roasting Company in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan. They sent me two kinds: Dark Horse Espresso and Zen (I don’t see it on their website). OK, I was […]

The good folks at One Village Coffee, ahem Mike Manney, sent me a package of one of my favorite coffees in the world — and it is ecological, environmental and all that — Colombia. Colombia has a wonderful crema, a […]

Laura and Mark cashed in some miles, flew to Hawaii, and while there bought me a pound of NickyBeans Kona Coffee. My, my, is this stuff good. It’s some expensive stuff, but if you are in Hawaii drink a cup. […]

I’m biased. Mugg and Bean coffee, a South African coffee, got is idea in Chicago. Which explains why I like this coffee so much. My first cup here had a rich crema, an aroma that filled the room, and a […]