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We just spotted this Indigo Bunting at our feeder.  

We’ve seen some old (bird) friends, some new ones … we’ve seen lots of birds this Spring:

We had a great empathizing and praying for a father; so many good responses. And “Dad’s” response yesterday showed what a blog community can do for folks. Here is the response I wrote to him, now just a little fleshed […]

Here’s one of the little female hummingbirds that visit our feeders throughout the day. When the days are cooler, they aren’t around much; on warmer days they visit us all day long. Some of their aerial combats have been awesome.

Monday morning early, with the sun high on a tall, tall pine tree in a neighbor’s yard and I, sitting on my back porch sipping a cup of coffee, saw six Cooper’s hawks at the top of the tree. I […]