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Every Bible reader, especially every teacher and pastor, needs a solid Bible encyclopedia that does its best to tell us what we need to know about history and theology and archaeology as well as sketch each book of the Bible. […]

Brand new book on an important topic: How do we move beyond the Bible? Should we? Better yet: Since we have to, how do we move beyond the Bible into our world but do this biblically? This is the concern […]

We’ve now completed our commentary listing, but commentaries will continue to be produced so I will use the Book Comments to update commentaries. I want to mention two that have recently crossed my desk.  First, there is a brand new […]

The central portion of Harvey Cox’s new book The Future of Faith lays out the New Perspective on The Church – which is no longer new. It is broad brush summarized as follows: Jesus taught and enacted a kingdom vision. […]

Hello, my name is Rachel, and I’m a recovering Bible snob. I haven’t always been this way.  As a child, the stories of the Bible enthralled me. I believed in them the way one believes in dinosaurs, Camelot, Abraham Lincoln, […]

Manfred Brauch, now retired from many years of teaching at Eastern Baptist Theological Seminary (now Palmer), calls us to a more serious approach to Scripture in order to end the all-too-common abuse of Scripture.  Scripture is used for everything by […]

I just spent a bundle of time with John H. Walton, who is the General Editor of a brand new series on the Old Testament, and it is a series we desperately need. This new series is a commentary unlike […]

[We’ve added the captcha text because we were bombarded by a spammer Monday. We hope the captcha text will disappear with the spammer soon.] Last week I posted a question by a reader asking about categories of biblical literature and […]

Jeremy Berg is a youth pastor; he’s done some Friday is for Friends for us, but I wanted to get this one up today.  I have long been irritated by a common critique or complaint people have after listening to […]

A couple of weeks ago I had a brief post asking why the scientific theory of evolution was a challenge for faith, but a scientific theory explaining weather was not a problem. (See here for the post: God, Science, and […]