Jesus Creed

The issue of whether or not to circumcise Gentile believers led to the first church council, establishing as I think it did a precedent for leaders to gather to discern the mind of God, and a ruling that Gentile converts […]

I got a letter from a young high school pastor in the southeast and he’s happy to share it with our blog community. This young pastor leans in some emerging directions but his pastor is now criticizing emergent. I’d like […]

This weekend Kris and I flew out to see Lukas, Annika and our new grandson, Aksel. We always enjoy their quaint village, filled as it is with unique Victorian homes and the aroma of Concord grapes hanging in the air. […]

Acts is a rich source for “gospel” and we turn today to Acts 14:

Almighty and everlasting God, increase in us the gifts of faith, hope, and charity; and, that we may obtain what you promise, make us love what you command; through Jesus Christ our Lord, who lives and reigns with you and […]

It’s not Chicago, but it is the Great Midwest…

It’s easier to talk about depression and acedia than it is to live with either; and it’s a whole lot easier to talk about both than to free oneself from either. At the heart of dealing with acedia is to […]

The scenario sketched in our previous post leads to a deep question for Christians. How should we understand the Fall and Original Sin? Is the Adamic fall history or myth ??? albeit myth conveying theological truth? Is Adam everyman or […]

Pastor (Park Street Church Boston) Daniel Harrell’s new book, Nature’s Witness: How Evolution Can Inspire Faith (Living Theology), is the book we need. Here is someone who can translate science into theology and theology into science, and do so in […]

We had a good series of Friday posts on Alan Jacobs’ excellent book “Original Sin.” The essays in his book are outstanding and explore many facets of Original Sin in history and in contemporary thought. But Jacobs is an English […]