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John Mark Hicks, Come to the Table: Revisioning the Lord’s Supper ,  suggests the Table of the Lord is for all, and for families, including children. 
So, he urges us to consider the Table as a family event. Here’s why:
Table fellowship was a feature of Jesus’ life and ministry, and that table fellowship occurred evenings and around tables and during and after the meal, and there would have been children and families present.
The Table of the Lord emerged from table fellowship, and nothing makes this more clear than Mark 14’s famous statement that I will not drink this cup with you again until the End.
Passover itself, out of which the Table of the Lord emerged, was a family celebration. Children were present.
Those in the journey of faith are welcomed to the Table, including children. They can learn to respond to the gospel by participating in the Table with their parents.
This marks the end of our series with John Mark Hicks.
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