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From, by Jonathan Powers. What do you think? 

Oil poses a clear threat to America’s economic and national security. This spring we have watched as untold millions of gallons of oil flowed into the Gulf. But for years, we have watched as billions of dollars flowed to hostile nations to pay for oil.

Every day, we send well over a billion dollars out of this country to pay for oil — money that could and should be used to grow our economy and create jobs. The simple fact is that our dependence on oil from nations in the Middle East and other regions constrains our choices, hamstringing America’s flexibility and choices on the world stage.

Too often, we are forced to consider the impact our foreign policy will have on our oil supply instead of whether a choice is in line with our values. Every day, we make a clear choice between living up to those values (and strengthening our security) and prolonging our weakness as a dirty-energy nation.

Today, thousands of Americans are calling for a new freedom from oil — a dangerous, dirty and vulnerable source of energy. This week, 10,000 American flags were planted on the National Mall, each representing Americans who have pledged to free our nation from a long and damaging cycle of dependence.

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