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ArabIsraeli.jpgHere are my unanswered questions:

Was that boat, or the flotilla, properly contacted in advance to say the boats must pass inspection? Is this protocol?
Was Israel within its rights to inspect the boats? Were those on the boat told this would happen if they entered improper areas?
Was that landing on the boat by Israeli personnel a surprise or expected?
Were the Israeli personnel who landed on the boat aggressive in behavior? 
Why were the “pro Palestinian activists” using pipes as weapons to beat others? Had those others threatened their safety?
Who first initiated violence?
Does Israel recognize the humanitarian issues among Palestinians? What is Israel doing about it? What are Arab countries doing about it?
Do the Palestinians want peace? Do the Israelis want peace? 
Who are the mediators? Who will the peacemakers be? What will peace look like in the Land?
Does a stance of advocacy lead to “othering” the other? How can we be advocates and not other the Israelis or the Palestinians?
Now the big one: How should a follower of Jesus respond? We can no longer believe Israel’s becoming a landed nation again had anything to do with biblical prophecy, so the simple equation that Israel’s behavior is justified because it’s Israel must be jettisoned. Israel, too, must be brought before the bar of its own Torah. But how do we as followers of Jesus respond?
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