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Dickson.jpgThere is a widespread nervousness about evangelism: What is your church doing? Is your church broadening its sense of evangelism? Are all called to be evangelists? What book or resource is most helpful to you and in your setting?

There is some good stuff going on about this new book by John Dickson, so I want to repost…
Whether we like it or not, words like “evangelism” and even “proclaiming” the gospel are falling out of favor in the current generation. One reason why clearly surrounds the silliness, zaniness and utter nonsense some Christians fall for when it comes to gospeling. Any means seems to be justifiable for some.
But not for all, and it appears to me that that number is growing.
Which means this: talking about the gospel and about evangelism is becoming increasingly difficult. To whom do we turn in such times? Those who are getting the job done, and I can think of no one I know who is getting it done much better than the Australian John Dickson. His new book, now freshly reproduced for the USA, is called The Best Kept Secret of Christian Mission: Promoting the Gospel with More Than Our Lips
I read this book in preparation for my lectures in Ireland, and I found it stimulating, confirming and educational. I see the book as especially good for pastors and evangelistic ministries and anyone involved in missions — including the missional movement. I’m opening this space for anyone who wants to review it (sorry, I can’t get a free book for you) and I’m particularly keen on finding some missional folks reading it.
What’s in the book: missional stuff, pluralism stuff, using prayer and money to promote the gospel, the power of a local church for evangelism … and a really good, and I mean really good, chp on what the gospel itself is.

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