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Dragons.jpgJames Emery White , in his new book ( Christ Among the Dragons: Finding Our Way Through Cultural Challenges), takes on big themes, and the 3d chp is about culture.

The big question is his: What would the world look like if there were no Christians? what is the measurable and real impact of those who follow Jesus? How much are Christians culture-changers and culture-influences?
White examines five major strategies:
Retreat from society and culture
Revive culture via evangelism
Recapture via political influence
Reflect by being like others
What are the strengths and weaknesses of each of these?
And he proposes the 5th R: Renewal. Which is to renew the culture and the society via faithful living. Prayer, evangelism, example, argument, action, and suffering.
One of the issues that Christians need to face is what they are aiming at when they focus on being influential in culture. White focuses on the three major ones:
Big question: Who is doing these things well today?
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