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DogPoop.jpgI saw this report. I have to say that discovery of the dog’s mess in a public setting is annoying.

EDINA, Minn. (AP) – Need to scoop up after your pooch in the affluent Minneapolis suburb of Edina? You’ll now have to bring your own bag after the city stopped providing freebies. The Star Tribune reported Edina has been hit by thefts of city-provided dog poop bags, and also is looking to save money. So this year the city stopped providing the free bags at stations in Edina parks.

Director of Parks and Recreation John Keprios said park workers would fill dispensers in the morning and find them empty by noon.

Keprios said, “People walk up and take them until they’re gone.” He says it was “not just one isolated incident. It’s everywhere and often.”

It cost about $12,000 a year to keep the dispensers full at the eight parks with the stations.

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