Jesus Creed

Washington Post has a new question in its “On Faith” discussion:

Sarah Palin pleased fans and angered foes with her speech to the pro-life Susan B. Anthony List, calling herself a “frontier feminist” and saying, “choosing life may not be the easiest path, but it’s always the right path . . . God sees a way where we cannot, and He doesn’t make mistakes.”

Meanwhile, an Arizona nun was “automatically excommunicated” for agreeing with a Catholic hospital’s ethics committee’s decision to allow an abortion to save a mother’s life. “While medical professionals should certainly try to save a pregnant mother’s life, the means by which they do it can never be by directly killing her unborn child,” Bishop Thomas J. Olmsted of Phoenix said in a statement.

Can you be a feminist and oppose abortion in all circumstances? Can you be a person of faith and support abortion in some circumstances?

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