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Studies are now serious about the position we assume most of the day. What do you do? What have you learned? What works best for you?

Are our sedentary life styles so pernicious that we need to rethink the current office culture — for example, switch to standing desks or exercise stations or change our work schedules? Or are there ways to stay in the chair 10 or 12 hours a day?

So what do you do if you have to be still for lengths of time -that is, in case you actually need to work for a living at a desk job?

Job redesign may ultimately be a better solution rather than equipment redesign. That means changing what you do over the course of the day; nobody should get stuck sitting — or standing — in the same position for the entire day.

I note some recent headlines about research studies with the surprising claim that “slumping can be good for you.” Sitting in the classic right angle seated posture that has been the cultural ideal for generations turns out not to be so good for the lower back. Sometimes sitters slump by sliding their pelvis to the edge of the seat and leaning back diagonally to the seat back.

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