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From Edward T. Oakes, at St Alphonsus in Chicago, fully pointing his finger at the sins, taking on the media issue, but at the same time stating that the media is not doing this for the good of the Catholic Church. Clipped from First Things:

I have long felt that we Catholics will know that this crisis has finally been put behind us, at least in the United States, when the bishops, in one of their collective annual meetings, passes a resolution actually thanking those newspapers who revealed the slime and filth lurking inside the presbyterate of too many dioceses and the attempted cover-ups by too many chanceries. Please understand: I am not na?ve about the secular media. But if the Hebrew prophets could see the hand of God at work in the attacks on ancient Israel from the Assyrian empire, then Catholics ought to be able to espy the workings of divine providence when the media bring to light crimes that should have been made public from the beginning.


To be overly schematic about this, for the most part the revelations that came to light in 2002 were salutary. So too, mostly, are those that have recently come to light in the past few weeks about the crimes that took place, however long ago, in Ireland and Germany, precisely because they are only now coming to light. But at this juncture, at least in the United States, one cannot help but notice that the stories coming out now about US crimes deal exclusively with events that took place even back as far as the 1950s. And there’s a reason for that. For not only must the Church face the crimes and sins that have taken place inside her folds. But precisely because they came to light under the glare of a secular press often hostile to the very mission of the Church, she must now face a whole new arsenal of weapons being aimed at her very existence. And where she is weakest, there will she be attacked the strongest.
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