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Screen shot 2010-04-12 at 7.51.22 PM.pngThis book is now getting to the nittty gritty of a genuine 4th Way proposal:

James Davison Hunter, in his new book, (To Change the World: The Irony, Tragedy, and Possibility of Christianity in the Late Modern World
), makes a proposal that is a 4th Way:
It’s about faithful presence. Each of the other three approaches believes that about itself, so let’s hear him out to catch his nuances.
What do you think of Hunter’s “faithful presence within” proposal? Is the best way to change culture the way of not trying to change culture?
We have a challenge to faithfulness, to difference (with pluralism etc), to dissolution between the world and language’s ability to describe that word (postmodernity’s contention), and then he examines the freedom and autonomy of the will — which has run amok. 
Instead of “defensive against” and “relevance to” and “purity from” he proposes “faithful witness within.” (His sketch here is negative, too negative, of the other views — one wonders if he’s got some ressentiment at work!)

He believes that leaders must set the path.

The Great Commission is about formation into Christlikeness.
The Church is to a culture and community of Shalom.
Accommodation but calling the culture into question by being different.
Irony: the only way to change the world is not to try to change the world but by being a different world by honoring the creator of beauty and truth and loving God and loving our neighbor.
All social organizations are a parody of eschatological hope.
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