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AndyNthPt.jpgI’ve got a deal for you day: free book. Read on.

In this series I’m asking Andy Stanley some questions about preaching but I’m cheating when I say that: I’m reading his book (Communicating for a Change: Seven Keys to Irresistible Communication
) and generating my questions that he answers in his book.
How do you outline your sermons? Let’s hear from you preachers on how you do what you do. We can learn from one another.
Andy’s goal is to organize around a single point, and so he has five sections in his sermons:
Me: Orientation; personal felt needs
We: Identification; generalizing felt needs
God: Illumination: God’s Word says
You: Application; God’s Word applied to personal felt needs
We: Inspiration; imagine what it would be like if we all did this.
Book deal: I will send a free copy of Andy’s book to the top three comments on this post through noon this morning (California time, 2 Central, 3 Eastern), and I will ask two of my pastor friends to judge with me on which are the top three. How do you outline your sermon? Tell us how you do it. (I will contact you via e-mail to notify the winners.)
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