Jesus Creed

I’m interested in narrative preaching, and by that I don’t mean telling stories but making the sermon itself a narrative or a story. Just how that is done is not so easy to explain, and I’ve heard a number of attempts.

But Eugene Lowry, in his excellent little book, The Homiletical Plot: The Sermon As Narrative Art Form
, explains it. Here are the parts of a good narrative sermon:
But first let me ask this question: What is your experience with narrative preaching?
Here are the elements:
1. Upsetting the Equilibrium: to engage the listeners, the preacher upsets the equilibrium in order to engage them in the sermon. As in: “When you pray, is there anyone listening?”
2. Analyzing the Discrepancy: Asking “why?” to the ambiguity and upsetting of equilibrium. Sets up the need for #3.
3. Disclosing the Clue to Resolution: aha! The surprising good news.
4. Experiencing the Gospel: the gospel, in all its varieties.
5. Anticipating the Consequences: what can be expected in light of the gospel resolution?
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