Jesus Creed

At the end of month most of us take a good look at our checkbook or our bank accounts to see if we made it. Most of us, when we want something to eat, go to the refrigerator or the pantry and grab something. When we want something special, we go to a favorite restaurant.
It takes less than 40 dollars to lift a poor orphaned child in Swaziland from poverty and starvation, among other things, into a life of basic care. I’m praying more of us will decide to “adopt” one of these orphans.

Our blog is committed to caring for a group of orphans in Swaziland, in Mabanteneni, and I would urge you to consider supporting a child. The pictures of these kids are priceless, and about one dollar a day will begin to care for the needs of these children. It takes a few extra seconds for the pictures to download, but they’re worth the wait.

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