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Over the last several weeks we have had an extended conversation on intelligent design as we have discussed Stephen C. Meyer’s book, Signature in the Cell: DNA and the Evidence for Intelligent Design. One of the comments on the last post asked a question:

As someone without a detailed scientific background I sometimes find
these discussions a little obtuse. One side keeps making their points.
And the other does the same; almost as if repeating the points (rather
than actually engaging the other side) will somehow bend truth in one
direction or another.

So here’s a question: who has had their perspective changed/altered/challenged by these discussions? And, if so, how, and why?

Now that’s something I’d be interesting in hearing. Maybe this could even be the subject be a new thread?

I also think this would be an interesting conversation – so I would like to pose this question – and a related question. The two posts last Tuesday – on Christian Worldview and on Stephen Barr’s article “The End of Intelligent Design,” lead to consideration of why intelligent design is important today.

Lets start a conversation…

Why is intelligent design important? What does the discussion bring to the table?

Is this a topic worth fighting over – and if so, why?

In the discussion what has changed/altered/challenged your perspective? How and why? 

If you wish to contact me, you may do so at rjs4mail[at]

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