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In Eugene Peterson’s new book, Practice Resurrection: A Conversation on Growing Up in Christ , we are treated to a response to the posted from Wednesday about criticizing the church. What is the church? Do you tend to idealized the earliest churches? […]

… the best little coffee maker in the world: AeroPress Coffee and Espresso Maker . I use a Rancilio Silvia at home for my espresso, but at my school office I heat up some water in a micro wave at […]

If I had to summarize Paul’s gospel, I’d use Luke’s last scene in Acts, and I would suggest this text summarizes the missional theology of Paul in the Book of Acts: 28:30 Paul lived there two whole years in his own […]

I received an e-mail last week and have gotten similar questions in the past – so I will put it up to you for insight or approach: I agree … that it is helpful to understand Chapters 1 and 2 […]

There is nothing predictable about Eugene Peterson’s set of books, Conversations on Spiritual Theology. After volume one I had a hunch of what volume two would be; but not so and so on and so on. Now we get volume […]

Here is a very serious critique of the mainline by Walter Russell Mead, and I offer it to you for conversation. It was sent to me by a friend, an Episcopalian priest, and one who observes that too many today […]

Paul gets to explain his gospel to the Jewish community in Rome, and here’s what he said: 28:23 They set a day to meet with him, and they came to him where he was staying in even greater numbers. From morning […]

This letter about what it is like to be a woman at a seminary, in this case TEDS and I’m convinced her experience is found at other seminaries. If you know about my book, mentioned below, I tell some of […]

Everywhere I go and nearly everyone I read has a theme, whether central or peripheral, and I think the theme is getting too much attention and it’s getting too much play and it’s setting us up for failure. Here’s the […]

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