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The iPad


Have you seen our kids at Mabanteneni? Think about sponsoring a child. (Be patient, it takes about a minute for all the pictures of the kids to load.)
Marius Nel’s review of Ferguson’s book has now been picked up by Englewood Review of Books.
Pope Benedict 16 encourages internet use by priests in order to preach the gospel. Emerging Catholicism is what he’s trying to create. (HT: RM)
Julie Clawson: getting beyond the talk to the deed.
Jim Martin: beginning a new series on relationships.
Dan Kimball: talking about emerging.
Tom Smith: earning vs. yearning.
MarkoFam.jpgIs this a webinar for many of our readers or what?! (HT: MK) Anyone want to live tweet it online? (I have a seminar that day to attend and I don’t think I can take it in.)
Marko’s got a wonderful list of daily resolutions from Clyde Kilby. (HT: TJ) [Marko and Fam to the right!] Marko is back blogging so make sure you have a link to his site.
Must-see “piece” of theology.
Congrats to Kathy Khang, now officially a Korean-American. First order of business, Bears or Packers?
Suggestive post by Tony Myles: Don’t call me Veronica!
Suggestive post by Brett on the movies.
Suggestive post by L.L. Barkat on the impact of business on spirituality.
Supersessionism is a big one these days.
What’s wrong with the iPad? It seems to me to be mostly a media reader.
What’s wrong with the Supreme Court decision? Bob is one of the few talking about this.
Meanderings in the News
1. Meanwhile, the conservatives over at The National Review unleash a series of explanations of the Scott Brown election in Massachusetts: Mark Steyn, Rich Lowry, Charles Krauthammer, Michael Knox Beran, Jonah Goldberg, Deroy Murdock, Larry Kudlow and then Thomas Sowell provides his take on how Republicans can win over black voters.
2. I followed their advice.
JDSalinger.jpg3. James Wood: “Terrible catastrophes inevitably encourage appeals to God. We who are, at present, unfairly luckier, whether believers or not, might reflect on the almost invariably uncharitable history of theodicy, and on the reality that in this context no invocation of God beyond a desperate appeal for help makes much theological sense. For either God is punitive and interventionist (the Robertson view), or as capricious as nature and so absent as to be effectively nonexistent (the Obama view). Unfortunately, the Bible, which frequently uses God’s power over earth and seas as the sign of his majesty and intervening power, supports the first view; and the history of humanity’s lon
ely suffering decisively suggests the second.”
4. The same topic at WP’s “On Faith.”
5. Good story of rescue in Haiti.
8. What’s most noticeable to you in this report?
9. I wonder if anyone will turn in “Blue Parakeet”?
10. Good piece on J.D. Salinger. Won’t the biographers have a time figuring that guy out?! (Image above left.)
Meanderings in Sports
This young man, Jonathan Williams, is about to become our nephew-in-law (that a term?).
Cool, cool story about Peyton Manning and Drew Brees. (HT: JW)
Cooler story about Kurt Warner and his family.
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