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Beckwith.jpgMany of us today went to church; many of us, whether we paid attention or not, passed by children’s ministry in our churches. Many of these ministries are called Sunday School. There was a day when SS class was about going to church, sitting at a table with other little kids, getting a sheet of paper, coloring and writing and listening, hearing a lesson and going home. No one would dispute that such an approach to children’s ministry accomplished good things. But with all the developments in:

Educational theory and
Spiritual formation
Is there any book that guides us into new ideas in children’s ministry? I have one to recommend to you: Ivy Beckwith’s Formational Children’s Ministry: Shaping Children Using Story, Ritual, and Relationship (emersion: Emergent Village resources for communities of faith)
What are the most influential elements of your local church’s and family’s spiritual formation program for children?
There’s much to talk about in this book — that she focuses on some very solid ideas for us today: story, ritual and relationships.
She has a good grip on educational theory and the important distinction between formal and information education; she wants us to incorporate the Bible’s story, the Church’s story, and our local community/church’s story. What I liked most is that she encourages teachers to slow down enough to let children — in their formative educational experiences — to “do” and to “pray” and to “experience” instead of just hearing about and being informed about such things.
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