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What do you think of Apple’s announcement?

It is too easy to assign pastoral theology to the Pastoral letters of Paul; I believe 2 Corinthians contains some of the best pastoral theology of Paul, and the passage in Acts 20 of Paul’s last meeting with the followers […]

Chris Hall, in Worshiping With the Church Fathers , examines in his second chp the central focus of the early Christian’s sense of worship: eucharist. (I didn’t say the “central focus of the NT’s sense of worship” though some will say […]

Some (low church) folks roll their eyes when they see that word “Lent” in the title of this post, and other (often high church) folks said, “Ah, yes, something for all of us.” The Church calendar is designed to embody […]

It’s been awhile since our friend “PW” sent us a post. She is a pastor’s wife (PW) and often speaks about what it’s like to be the spouse of a pastor. Some today would like to think this is not […]

Paul left Ephesus and went to Macedonia, spent 3 months there, and then began a trip back to Jerusalem, but the focus of Luke’s narrative is on Troas (picture of some temple ruins there). Here’s the basic report from Acts […]

The French are now proposing a partial ban of women wearing the burqa. First, one has to decide if the burqa is religious (since not all Muslims wear them and since it is not required by Koran, it can’t be […]

Last Friday David Opderbeck introduced Ken Wilson’s essay Science and the Evangelical Mission in America. Wilson’s message is that the approach we take to issues of science and faith will have a profound impact on the willingness of people to […]

Yesterday I posted a letter from a young adult who is struggling to regain some lost ground in faith. Your responses were wonderful, and today I’d like to sketch the answers that I outlined last week when I got the […]

Evidently, the numbers are showing the American populace is unpersuaded about the value of the stimulus plan. When I read this, here are the two thoughts that came to mind: first, do we measure the value of a stimulus package […]