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Thiselton.jpgOf the handful of experts in the world in the field of hermeneutics, I can think of no one more prepared to write an introduction than Tony Thiselton. And he’s done just that in Hermeneutics: An Introduction

This is not a primer for first year college students, but it is a primer for the theological student and there’s nothing like it — or as good or as informed.
It covers it all, so here are his topics:
Aims and scope
Hermeneutics in the context of philosophy, Bible, literary theory and the social self
The parables as example
Judaism and the Ancient Greeks
NT in the Second Century
Third to Thirteenth Centuries
Reform, Enlightenment, and the rise of Biblical criticism
Schleiermacher and Dilthey
Barth, new hermeneutics, structuralism, post-structuralism and James Barr
Gadamer: The Second Turning point
Paul Ricoeur
Liberation and Postcolonial studies
Feminist and Womanist 
Reader-response and reception theory
Postmodernism and hermeneutics
Need I say more? A great book for a pastor  … one chp per month and a whole new way of seeing.
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