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I read in the NYTimes this morning that the younger generation, 20s and 30s, is now wearing more formal clothing to work and their dress contrasts ever more sharply with the 40s and 50s. Are you seeing this? Do you see a change in dress codes?
Do you have any views on dress codes at the workplace?
Here’s a clip from the newspaper article:

“The older generation, say 45-plus, look upon success as being able to dress down,” said Marshal Cohen, the chief analyst at NPD Group, which tracks retail sales. “They think being able to wear jeans is the epitome of achievement.

“But the younger generation is looking at getting dressed up and making their mark,” Mr. Cohen continued. “It’s a real generation gap here. I teach at three different colleges, and I am amazed how dressed up some of the students are. Girls still come in their hoodies and pajamas, but boys come in their suits.”

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