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CBR.jpgAlong with Alan Hauser (Appalachian State University) and Jonathan Klawans (Boston University), I am co-editor of the journal Currents in Biblical Research. This journal can be read to keep up with “what’s going on?” in Old Testament studies, Judaism studies, and New Testament studies.

The publisher just offered to us a 30% discount by contacting “Customer Service Department” at this email address (and mention the offer from this blog).
The amazing thing about this journal is that one can acquire or read articles online at Sage Journals (the link above). The articles do not “argue a case” for an interpretation but sketch current trends in scholarship. For instance, I recently received a proposal for an article that sketches what is going on in the “faith of Christ” debate, and the goal of that article is lay out the land on what scholars are saying. A recent article was prepared for publication on the nature of Paul’s opponents at Corinth. 
In short, a journal that is worth your while — if not as a subscriber (but do you know what ten years of subscription looks like? a coverage of most of the hot issues in scholarship) at least as a reader of an article or two. 
Make it one of your Bookmarks and you will rise up and call me blessed some day!
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