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Library.jpgLast week I mentioned that we want to begin doing book reviews on this blog on Saturday afternoons. Our vision for this is for “you” to write these. We hope enough folks write reviews that we can post one weekly. 

So, what to do? Write me, tell me you want to write a Review and tell me what book you want to do. In some cases I can get a Review Copy, but that should not be expected. We want the reviews to be pitched for pastors instead of scholars, and you are more than welcome to post the same review on your blog if you submit it here.
I’ve already got one scheduled on Sailhamer’s new book on the Pentateuch.
3000 words; 1500 word even-handed description; 1500 words of interaction.
You asked some good questions last Saturday: here’s our responses —

Yes, we can do both new books and older books. No problem if someone wants to write up a review on a book from the past.
On those books suggested … which were many and good suggestions … go ahead, offer some reviews.
Yes, more than one person can review a book … 
If you are “up in arms” about a book, you can review it but avoid ranting about the book.
One more comment: if we see ourselves as contributors to this Saturday Afternoon Book Reviews and not just consumers of the reviews by others, this could become a top-level resource for many of us for keeping up with what is going on.
Why not commit to reviewing a book for us in the next few months. 
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